The Vicar and The Mystic

The times we cried & what happened next

July 14, 2020

This episode centres around the emotions felt and experienced amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, why they were brought to the surface and how we move forward after wholeheartedly 'feeling the feel'. 

Looking at our identity and delving into questions of culture, we explore the need to release and 'give over to God' those things outside our control.  Can we give ourselves permission to cry and where might the tears lead you after being shed?   


Show Notes:

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Watch Instagram Lives for Daily Prayer with Ross & Meredith weekdays 9:30am London time or catch the replay.

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About The Vicar & The Mystic podcast:

Husband and wife team, Ross Gunderson 'The Vicar', & Meredith Gunderson ‘The Mystic' agreeing and disagreeing on the big questions & mysteries of life. Both deeply spiritual, although with divergent faith journeys.

Conversations bridge the space between pondering the purpose of life & actually living it, while celebrating the diversity to be found within spiritual inquiry.  

Based in Fulham, London where Ross is the Vicar of St. Eth's Fulham and Meredith is a meditation teacher, writer & artist.

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